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Finishing a Basement? Don't leave this out.

Posted September 22, 2017 By Brian Nagle

http://www.truemech.com/Brian Nagle  September 22, 2017 12:25 PM 

To properly finish a basement, the a professionally installed HVAC system has to be part of the solution. Many homeowners don't properly calculate what the Heat and Cooling loads are for the finished basement. If you have a boiler installed on the basement level, you can often install an additional zone of baseboard heating for the finished basement. This is dependent on the size of the space as well as the feasibility of running piping. What if you heat with a warm air furnace? And what about air conditioning? 

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5 Reasons to Consider Early Retirement ..but not for you

Posted September 13, 2017 By Brian Nagle

I would love for this to be about that extended permanent retirement we have all thought about. But alas, this is all about your HVAC systems saving $$ to get you to retirement. Early retirement for your heating and air conditioning equipment now makes more sense than ever.

1) Aging Systems The majority of HVAC systems are 10 years or older. That means they use freon for the most part, aka R22. In 2020 there will be no more production of real R22. There are substitutes of varying effectiveness, but that's another story.. The quantity of propane that you pay $20.00 for, is now $989 a 30 lb propane tank and going up.

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Advances in technology increase your options for cooling your home

Posted September 11, 2017 By Brian Nagle

Please read this from our friends at HGTV on the latest in technology for air conditioning options Considering Central air for your Home. Please read this from our friends at HGTV


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The biggest advance in HVAC in 50 Years

Posted February 22, 2017 By Brian Nagle

The biggest change in HVAC in the past 50 years is the inverter and VRV series systems. R and D has been hard at work for more than 10 years. Ductless systems using inverter technology now offering air source heat pumps which operate down to below -10 degrees Fahrenheit.  Heat Pump system employed for central distribution systems are now providing heating down to the single digits. These are 3-4 times more effective than systems of 10 years ago. That translates into electric usage of 35-45 % of what was available 10 years. ago. If you are thinking about replacing or a 1st time installation of  a central air system, you may want to look at the option of a heat pump system. All the top manufacturers  offer systems greater than 20 Seer. Our friends at Amana have a great explanation on how a basic Heat Pump operates. This explanation is basic and pre inverter , so for the latest high efficency information, check your favorite manufacturer's website or contact us.   http://www.amana-hac.com/resources/hvac-facts/how-heat-pump-systems-

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The value of not being covered

Posted February 2, 2017 By Brian Nagle

Pennywise and Pound Foolish 

Brian Nagle  2:25PM February 2nd, 2017

A customer called looking for a quote on replacing their boiler. This particular boiler is a very high efficiency gas fired condensing boiler, and is only 8 years old. The story unfolded after being in the house for 15 minutes. 

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5 Efficient and cost effective ways to maintain your comfort and sanity this winter.

Posted January 16, 2017 By Brian Nagle

5. Lower your thermostat

Keeping the temperature down and wearing a sweater or sweatshirt is more economical and healthier. The higher the temperature, the drier your indoor air. Dry air allows airborne contaminants to penetrate our immune systems, as well as making us feel colder. Save money and maintain your health. 

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How to keep from freezing your ashe off this winter.

Posted January 5, 2017 By Brian Nagle

How to lower your home heating costs this winter. The link below is from our friends at Mitsubishi Electric.

How does an Inverter Heat Pump lower Our Heating Costs

Call the Inverter Heat Pump Experts at True Mechanical for no obligation in home evaluation and Consultation on the sizing and advantages for your home. 

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Your Home should be Part of your 2017 New Year's Resolutions

Posted January 3, 2017 By Brian Nagle

Don’t Forget Your Home in your HVAC New Year’s Resolutions.  From the lowest to highest investment every one of these gets you a 100% or better return on Your investment

Check Your Air Filters Regularly 

Your HVAC system’s air filters when clogged cause all sorts of issues. (Read More) 

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New Year's Giving you the Cold Shoulder

Posted December 30, 2016 By Brian Nagle

When you live in such a volatile winter climate, having a furnace breakdown is much more than an inconvenience—it’s an emergency. Fortunately, you have our team on your side to help resolve any gas or electric heating system issue you may run into.

We’ll help get your furnace get back to working as effectively and efficiently as possible. We also can recommend high efficiency replacement systems if your's has reached the end of its lifespan. How can you tell if your furnace is in trouble, though?

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Women shattering the Glass ceiling in the HVAC industry

Posted December 28, 2016 By Brian Nagle

The atmosphere in the trades is changing quickly. A great article by Nicole Krawcke in one of our trades publications, ACHRNEWS from December 19th, talks about the changing landscape and the opportunity that presents. Women shattering the Glass ceiling in the HVAC Industry 

Nicole Krawcke is Business Management Editor. 

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Nose Bleeds in the past few days?

Posted December 27, 2016 By Brian Nagle

With the Winter Arctic Vortex affecting so many Americans, you may experience nosebleeds. How do you combat these? 

The first step is to measure your humidity. When the outside temperature drops below 30F the inside air gets much drier, leading to nose bleeds, static shock, feeling colder with the thermostat raised. This is generally a symptom of too little humidity.  The final step is to choose the right solution In previous decades,  we used to fill pans up with water and put them on top of near the radiators to add moisture to the rooms, or purchase small individual room humidifiers. Partially effective, but high maintenance, While you can still do either of the above, the wiser choice is to add a whole home humidifier to provide the proper level of moisture. Aprilaire makes great whole home humidifiers, with models built for every type of heating application. 

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In the Loop ?

Posted December 23, 2016 By Brian Nagle

Are You in the Loop? Geothermal Open Loop vs. Closed Loop Systems Going green and eliminating fossil fuel systems.

Geo thermal Video Click here

One of the earliest considerations for your Geo thermal System is Open vs Closed Loop. There are significant distinctions in the installation and operating costs of each.

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5 Ways to not go broke this winter

Posted December 22, 2016 By Brian Nagle

5 ways to save on your heating costs starting today

It's officially winter and the majority of the country has already seen colder weather than normal. The next 100 days doesn't look so warm either. 

What to do to stay warm without going broke. Five ideas to put to work now: (Read On) 

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How to tell when its time to improve your Indoor Air Quality

Posted December 21, 2016 By Brian Nagle

How to Tell If You Need to Improve Your Homes Indoor Air Quality

According to the EPA almost 90% of our lives are spent indoors, including the office and in your own Long Island home. Much of our exposure to airborne contaminants happens indoors. Indoor Air is typically 2 to 5 times more contaminated than outside air. Your home’s indoor air quality is essential for better health. What should you look for that will signal a need to improve your indoor air quality?

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How to make it through this Winter Safely

Posted December 20, 2016 By Brian Nagle

How to Stay safe and healthy this frigid Winter 

Winter storms and cold temperatures can be hazardous. Stay safe and healthy by planning. Prepare your home, car, prepare for power outages and being outdoors. 

Storms can gain in intensity quickly, especially near oceans and large bodies of water.  

Although winter comes as no surprise, many of us are not ready for its arrival. If you are prepared for the hazards of winter, you will be more likely to stay safe and healthy when temperatures start to fall.

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What this cold winter brings with it.

Posted December 19, 2016 By Brian Nagle

How to Tell if Your Home is too dry

Look for dry air in your home with these symptoms: Dry, cracking skin on hands and feet,Frequently Chapped lips,Dry Sinuses ,Sinus headaches, Bloody nose, Needing to use lotion on your skin, eczema breakouts

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Homeowners, Builders, Realtors, Solar Installers, Read This

Posted December 17, 2016 By Brian Nagle

For realtors and builders, your customers now have a low cost alternative for heating and cooling homes. If your customers have solar with batteries, they now make central HVAC inverter heat pumps with coverage down to zero degrees. These Heat pumps use 65% less electric than traditional HVAC systems. Check out our blog entries at www.truemech.com. For additional information and short video links as well as Geo-thermal information email me at brian@truemech.com. If you are in southeastern New York State call me for a free in home analysis. 631-563-1298 www.truemech.com.

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Are you ready for the Winter Freeze

Posted December 16, 2016 By Brian Nagle

This is from the good folks at Channel 13, WTHR in Indianapolis. Pay especially close attention to winterizing your home and Carbon Monoxide Co poisoning. check out the link below.


If you are on Long island we have many resources available to assist you. If your heating system in Nassau, Suffolk, Seaford, Bohemia, Massapequa, Commack, Holbrook, needs repair or replacement, call me for a free evaluation. brian@truemech.com
631-563-1298 www.truemech.com

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Save up to 10% this winter without Replacing your heating system.

Posted December 15, 2016 By Brian Nagle

Reasons to use a programmable thermostat

You can save money on your heating and cooling bills by simply resetting your thermostat when you are asleep or away from home. You can do this automatically without sacrificing comfort by installing an automatic setback or programmable thermostat.

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Don't be left out In the Cold This Winter.

Posted December 15, 2016 By Brian Nagle

Numerous studies have shown that death rates peak this time of year. Blood pressure increases during the winter, and, by some reckonings, 70% of the wintertime increase in the death rate can be traced back to heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular causes of death. And, of course, flu season is a winter event, and flu viruses spread more readily once the air is dry and chilly.

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