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Low Cost Ways to Navigate the Household Winter Blues

Posted September 5, 2018 By Brian Nagle

Brian Nagle 10:20 AM September 5, 2018 

Winter is coming, make sure you change the filters on your HVAC systems at the furnace and the returns. The indoor air is more toxic than exterior air, so you are breathing in all the airborne particles. Once the temperature drops below 30 degrees, humidity drops as well. Supplemental Humidity must be added through humidifiers or your respiratory nasal immune system shuts down; (Colds, Flu, Bronchitis, Walking Pneumonia and other respiratory Challenges all can result). Clean air and proper humidity levels are a winter must. For a Professional assessment contact me at your 1st opportunity.

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How Seniors Benefit

Posted August 31, 2018 By Brian Nagle

A most interesting summer. In the Northeast we had many mild days with a few scorchers with steam room humidity levels. A phenomenon I am starting to see more often is seniors who have lived with window air conditioners for decades, now looking for comfort levels that only central air and ductless can provide. Even today, for many people, central air conditioning in their home is still viewed as a luxury. For the elderly though, air conditioning is important to their health and well-being. As people get older, the body’s ability to regulate temperature often becomes impaired due to the natural aging process, as well as disease or medication use. This change in body function makes seniors at risk for heat waves. The benefits of air conditioning to our elderly can become a life or death issue.in the context of extreme heat. When a heat wave occurs, it’s hard to adjust to the sudden change in temperature. For the elderly, it can be even more difficult. In addition to the body not regulating its temperature as well, many times older people don’t sweat efficiently, and therefore their bodies are unable to cool down effectively. A great example is a mother and son/daughter in law who have been long time customers of our company. I met the son and daughter in law, (in their early 80’s) back 3 years ago when we added 4 rooms of ductless to their home. I met the mom, now 101, just a few weeks ago. Mom lives in a 90-year-old small home on the eastern end of Long Island. She was having severe difficulty coping with the 95-degree temperatures and 90% humidity. Her window AC was 20 years old and needed replacement and an upgrade. We installed an inverter ductless system providing both heating and cooling, changing her comfort level immediately. A ductless air conditioning system mounts directly on the wall or the ceiling and blends well with virtually any décor. Unlike a window air conditioning unit which blocks the window view, ductless systems are non-obtrusive and quiet, so what will be noticed more than anything else is the improved comfort level of the room. We can install the ductless unit in just a few hours, no patching, painting or ductwork required. Keeping your elderly family member safe when the temperatures are at their highest is important We’ll tell you about the different options for air conditioning solutions, and help you find the solution that best suits the needs of your loved one.

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Hot Spots a Thing of the past

Posted August 30, 2018 By Brian Nagle

Brian Nagle           August 30, 2018 10:50 AM pm 

Frustrating when you have relatives living with you and you have the dreaded hot and cold spots at home. Their room is never at the temperature they are comfortable with. There is a simple solution to rectify that once and for all. A ductless inverter heat pump system provides constant temperature and humidity control in a single space up to 2400 sq ft..  Winter is less than 90 days away for most of the country, and those cold drafty areas, are never ever comfortable. From spaces of 100 Sq ft to 2400 Sq ft or larger, you can take control of your environment. Take the chill out of winter. If you are on Long island contact us today for your free evaluation. Check out our 40 year reputation for quality new and replacement system installations and service contracts. We strive to earn you as a Customer for Life.  The easiest way to solve your heating system issues, in Bohemia or Smithtown, NY , contact Brian Nagle at True Mechanical Corp and we’ll put your problem behind you! Call us for a free estimate today. .Our management team at True Mechanical has well over 100 years’ experiencein all phases of air conditioning and heating. We offer affordable service calls and HVAC service contracts. We offer no charge quotes on air conditioning and furnace system replacements. True Mechanical Corp is over 40 years in business and now with over 150,000 air conditioners and heating and air installations on Long Island.



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Putting off Major Decisions is usually the most Costly

Posted August 6, 2018 By Brian Nagle

August 6, 2018    Brian Nagle            Putting off Things until the last minute is rarely a great strategy, especially on a 100 degree day.

This morning, with warm temperatures climbing towards a 100 degrees here on Long Island, a few thoughts. Our phones are ringing off the hook with homeowners who didn’t believe they needed a service contract, and now their AC doesn’t work. We want more service business, but we want the right service business.

If you own a home with an air conditioning system more than 20 years old or older, you likely know how many headaches it can cause by breaking or needing constant repairs.

The question is whether or not you should continue to have the unit repaired and serviced, or whether it would make more sense to have it replaced altogether. The rational thought process is; don’t want to waste money by getting a new HVAC unit before you need one, but at the same time you won’t want to continue spending money every time a new problem (or the same one) arises. Also keep in mind, a unit that old is a much lower efficiency model compared with newer, more efficient models that could potentially use a fraction of the power to provide better cooling performance. Spending a little bit of extra money now may mean you won’t have to worry about excessive repairs in the future, plus you’ll likely see a massive reduction in your monthly energy costs. A safe number to think about replacing the system is 13-15 years. If your AC system is 13 years or more and has needed repair, it’s a good time to replace it so you can avoid costly repairs and start over with a brand new, energy star rated energy reducing unit. Your decision should factor in how many years you will be in the house, and what your energy bills are today. There are the darlings of the industry available today, variable speed inverter condensers, that use 30-50% less electric than standard existing central air conditioners. These units will be the industry standard within the next 5 years. If your system uses R22 Freon, as of December 31, 2019, only synthetic Freon will be available in the United States.  If you need a major repair, such as the compressor, blower motor or condenser coils, replacing it makes much more sense than repairing it. Newer units can significantly reduce monthly costs and can have over 25 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings. Being concerned about the cost is understandable, but most HVAC companies, including True Mechanical Corp, offer competitive financing options for those who qualify. You never know, the money you save each month may be greater than your monthly financing payment.

When having a new HVAC unit installed, it is important to have an experienced professional do the job because over or under-sized units lead to premature failure, poor humidity control and inconsistent cooling and heating performance.

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3 easy ways to Lower Your Electric Use This Summer

Posted June 11, 2018 By Brian Nagle


Top 3 Ways to Save on Electric this summer. 

1) Change your light bulbs. Traditional light bulbs use an excessive amount of electricity and must be replaced more often than their energy efficient alternatives. Halogen incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), and light-emitting diode bulbs (LEDs) use anywhere from 25-80% less electricity and last three to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs.Although energy efficient bulbs are more expensive off the shelf, their efficient energy use and longer useful lives mean that they cost less in the long run. These new bulbs are the clear winners in terms of their environmental and financial benefits.

2). Install a programmable or smart thermostat. A programmable thermostat can be set to automatically turn off or reduce heating and cooling during the times when you are asleep or away. When you install a programmable thermostat, you eliminate wasteful energy use from heating and cooling without upgrading your HVAC system. On average, a programmable thermostat can save you $180 per year. Programmable thermostats come in different models that can be set to fit your weekly schedule. Additional features of programmable thermostats can include indicators for when to replace air filters or HVAC system problems, which also improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

3). Upgrade your Air Conditioning system. When you need more than a programmable Thermostat, think replacement of your air conditioning system.. Upgrading to a ENERGY STAR certified system, can save you up to 50% on your summer electric usage. Energy star rated systems in our area start at 16 seer and get more efficent from there. New offerings using upgraded technology now available in the HVAC industry. These new products can reduce your HVAC utility bills by up to 50%.

Several manufacturers are keeping America 1st with substantial infrastructure investments across America. Daikin has just completed building the largest HVAC facility in America. just outside of Houston, employing over 5,000 Americans, with a zero net energy footprint.  Rheem, Amana, Lennox, all have manufacturing facilities in the USA. Why replace or install new? With savings of up to 50%, you also get better warranties, lower cost operation and faster returns on your investment.  Good guidelines to look at;  You have single stage equipment 14 Seer or lower, or your current equipment is more than 10 years old. If you are on Long Island, call for a free consultation 631-563-1298. In less than 60 minutes, we can show you options generating real savings. Heating, Cooling Ductwork Bohemia Bosch Climate Master Florida Heat Pump FHP Replacement Islip Central Air Conditioning Bay Shore Furnace Hamptons East End Geo Thermal Syosset Huntington VRV Dix Hills Inverter Condensers Centerport  Ronkonkoma Ductless Condensing Boiler  Variable 2 Stage Furnace  Variable Speed Central Air Conditioning 2 stage Geo Thermal Rheem Trane Lennox Daikin Mitsubishi Aprilaire

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Its almost June. Top 5 reasons to be pragmatic

Posted May 25, 2018 By Brian Nagle

Top 5 Reasons To be Pragmatic about Cooling Your Home.

1)Your Equipment is 10 years or older Today’s high efficiency equipment is incredibly energy efficient, reducing electric use 35-55% over existing models.

2) You call for repairs more than once a season. Your cooling system has become less efficient and heading for replacement.

3) Your energy use is going up.   Your cooling system is trending down in efficiency and costing you more on a daily basis. Replacement systems start saving from the very 1st day.

4) Some rooms in your home are too hot or too cold. The age of your equipment, ductwork and frequency of repairs all contribute to decreasing efficiency of your current system.

5) Humidity issues in your home. Properly sizing equipment, even with a manual J, when you have a single stage system, is engineered for an average set of temperature and humidity characteristics. Today’s new inverter variable speed equipment optimizes humidity removal across a much broader spectrum and can keep a home set within a single degree all summer long. Top Contractors can discuss the equipment options and know how to properly install these systems.

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Top 3 Reasons to Change Your Ductwork.

Posted May 16, 2018 By Brian Nagle

           Top 3 Reasons to Change Your Ductwork when you replace your HVAC Mechanical System

1)Old Ductwork The ductwork in most homes lasts between 15-20 years before significant leaks or air gaps occur.

2) Poor performance of the Existing System Your system is getting older, tired, and with more gaps in the ductwork, diminishing performance. You might see increasing utility use month after month, resulting in higher utility bills. An HVAC professional can run a test to find any problems. If the leaks are small enough, you can have your ductwork sealed to save energy. Otherwise, you should have it replaced to keep your power bills affordable. If your ductwork is 10-15 years old, it may be an R4 insulation covering. In our area today’s standard’s are R8 in non-conditioned space (attic or crawl space)

3) Poor Indoor Air Quality IAQ Leaky ducts suck in dust, pollen, and other pollutants from the environment and circulate them in the entire house. These allergens can cause several health problems. Moisture in ductwork can grow into mold, or leak water potentially causing further damage to your house.  True Mechanical Corp can help you with new installations, replacements and servicing of both your systems and ductwork. We were named as a nationwide Rheem Top 20 Pro Partner for 2017, We have over 45 years of industry experience with Rheem, Trane, Mitsubishi and other top brands. www.truemech.com brian@truemech.com 631-563-1298. Call us today   

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Two Amazing Weeks Highlight the Future of Our Industry

Posted May 1, 2018 By Brian Nagle

The past two weeks have been absolutely amazing.Last week, I was in Washington DC to accept Rheem Manufacturing's top Pro Partner Award as one of Rheem's top 20 businesses from across the United States. Rheem has been a leader of new technology in our industry for almost 100 years.  Rheem today is the only manufacturer in the world that produces heating, cooling, water heating , pool/spa heating and commercial refrigeration products, and is the largest manufacturer of water heating products in North America. This was an amazing two days with the Rheem management team and the top 20 US businesses.Two weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a Daikin meeting in Texas. Daikin has built an amazing plant in the US. They have no plants in Mexico. Daikin has introduced amazing technology lowering energy use and providing significant upgrades in comfort and indoor air quality, two terms you should be hearing frequently. By the end of 2019, Daikin will have close to 5000 employees at the Daikin Texas Technology Park, and within 3-5 years, another 12000 indirect area jobs will be created. Many of the Daikin equipment options come with 12 year warranties. This Technology Park is amazing in its scope and the commitment Daikin has made in the United States. The plant is a 4.3 Billion dollar investment, a 1/2 mile long, over 2 miles around, has over 315 loading bay doors, can produce over 15,000 pieces of equipment a day, and for the environment, this building is a zero net energy building. The entire industry is now technology driven, new regulations having a big part of that.True Mechanical seeks the latest industry products to offer to our customers. If you are on Long Island contact us today for the most efficient options in the HVAC industry, from central systems providing both cooling and high efficiency heating options, ductless units that blend in to your existing space. High efficiency systems don't cost, they pay in many ways, not the least being lower utility costs.Lower your electric use by 30-50% from your existing system. True Mechanical Corp. www.truemech.com 631-563-1298.

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5 Reasons to Change your HVAC system now.

Posted April 2, 2018 By Brian Nagle

Top 5 Reasons to Early Retire Your Homes Key System. With major advances in new technology, now is the time to take advantage. As demand continues to ramp up for new technology, its logical to see price increases matching that demand curve. There are many advantages to upgrading to a high efficiency system, central or Ductless. If you already have a central forced hot air or boiler system, lets use this to determine if it’s time to replace it. A few questions can help determine the answer if you should repair or replace. 1)    What is the system’s age? If your equipment is over even 10 years old, rapid advancements in technology means retirement of your equipment is looming. The prudent customer knows, the best time to replace your HVAC system is not when it fails suddenly either in the middle of winter or on the hottest weekend of the year, but when you have options about its replacement.  2)    The next question; are you spending more to heat and cool your home or business?As your system ages, it starts the downward spiral of more repairs and decreased efficiency. Does it run more frequently to maintain the temperature, and is it using more fuel or electric to provide the same comfort?  This is a sure sign a high efficiency alternative is wise to look at now.3) Does your equipment make unusual noises?If your heating system is making noises you haven’t heard before, it may be time to replace. Newer high efficiency systems tend to be much quieter than previous generations. 4) How is your homes indoor air quality?If you’re starting to have humidity problems, household dust and airborne particles, these are a warning sign. If you have a forced hot air furnace a cracked heat exchanger is nothing to take lightly. Cracks in heat exchangers can lead directly to CO Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Do not take these issues for granted. Call your trusted HVAC professional.    5) Rebates. Utilities and manufacturers are both looking for customers who want to go green. The newer systems are so much more efficient, utilities and manufacturers want to incentivize homeowners to bring their systems up to today's they come close By themselves, the answers to each of these questions may not tell you whether it’s time to replace your heating system or not, but when considered as a whole they can give you a sense of when your heating system is ready for replacement. Call us for a free estimate today. Our management team at True Mechanical has well over 100 years’ experience in all phases of heating and cooling. We offer affordable service contracts and no charge quotes on system replacements. True Mechanical is 40 years in business and with over 150,000 installations on Long Island. Visit our website at www.truemech.com or call us at 631-563-1298.We ask for your input and comments. 

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When your Child has asthma or other Respitary Challenges Its Life Critical

Posted March 28, 2018 By Brian Nagle

Sometimes the simple things are the most glaring omissions. This Saturday I had an appointment to discuss the installation of some revolutionary new HVAC equipment in a high end North Shore Long Island town home community. The owner is a very busy head of Finance for a sizable company in the New York area. He has a middle school age son who has suffered from severe asthma since infancy. They have owned this home for almost 3 years. 18 months ago they hired an old and established big box home services company to clean the ducts on both of their HVAC systems. You would think the big box store after cleaning the ducts would have installed air filters in the returns. My Saturday visit was the 3rd estimate in the past 3 weeks for a complete replacement of their 2 systems. Not one of the companies that did the duct cleaning or the representatives for the other 2 contractors, noticed the single most glaring deficiency in this Homeowners indoor air quality. There are no filters in the living area return grilles or the furnace returns. The homeowners son's asthma is so severe, any time he gets sick his throat completely closes up. As a homeowner you need to know what you need to know. In any climate you need proper indoor air filtration and in colder climates, you need the proper level of relative humidity. Given the number of children today with chronic respiratory diseases, indoor air quality is truly a life critical issue. There is no defense for being naive. Ask the contractors the right questions. If they don't know the answers change contractors. Its your family's life.

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6 Items to Consider This Month

Posted March 21, 2018 By Brian Nagle

6 Reasons to Replace your Central air with a Modern High efficiency Heat Pump.Are you changing out or completing a new installation of your HVAC system this year? You should look at Heat Pump options. Heat pumps now come in much higher efficiency offerings than previous generations. The number 5 reason may be the best justification of all. 1) Right now is still the off season. Most of the country is still in a shoulder season between fall and winter. Heat pumps can provide a nice indoor temperature without cranking up your boiler or furnace. 

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How prevalent is todays advanced technology in your home

Posted March 7, 2018 By Brian Nagle

What does your HVAC system have in common with your kitchen appliances? Your new kitchen appliances utilize some of the same technology of the newest advanced HVAC systems.  The new technology is showing up in appliances we are all familiar with; refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines just to name a few. Walk into any appliance store today and manufacturers have affixed labels on the front of their units promoting inverter motors.  These motors are variable speed and use significantly less electricity than previous generations.  Variable speed would be equivalent to 4 or 5 stages, starting up on the lowest speeds and ramping up only to the speed needed. The benefits for the customers are many and significant. The customer benefits from improved comfort, consistent indoor temperatures, reduced electric bills, and longer life from the units.




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Things Way too Hot at Home?

Posted February 22, 2018 By Brian Nagle

The adage is there is more than 1 way to solve a problem. On Long Island and many other locations, Cape Cod and farm ranch style homes were the prevalent style homes back in the 1940’s and 1950’s. These style homes have little or no attic space available to install the main component of an air distribution system, an air handler. Air handlers are typically half as wide as a refrigerator and ¾ as long. Occasionally there may be a closet available where the air handler can be installed vertically, but often not. In the past 5 years especially, improved technology and customer concerns have been taken seriously by manufacturers. The new standard in the industry is variable speed inverter technology, providing both cooling and heating, and literally using less than ½ the electric from previous  generations. For homes where central air cannot be installed and work as expected, variable speed ductless offerings are both improved in performance and appearance. Imagine indoor units under 25 decibels and visually not being able to tell that’s its ductless. With these units you can cool larger spaces and remove humidity very quickly, providing a high degree of comfort. There are several excellent manufacturers. One of our favorites is Daikin and specifically, their Emura designer series. This unit actually looks like a lighting fixture or audio speaker. If you have not been able to install central air, this may be a eye opener. Contact Brian Nagle us at www.truemech.com or 631-563-1298 for more information on this.  

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The Next generation of HVAC has arrived

Posted January 24, 2018 By Brian Nagle

The next generation of home automation for the HVAC application in your home has arrived.  That means superb comfort and continuing savings for today's home and business owners. Imagine maintaining the temp in your home within a single degree all year long, reducing your electric by 50-65% and controlling humidity like never before. Whether your application is right for a central or ductless system, the technology offered today is right for you.

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Stay Comfortable and Stylish all Winter Long

Posted January 19, 2018 By Brian Nagle

The world has evolved, and as technology can improve your world, we want you to know about it. Here is a great option for installing ductless in your home or office. If you have hot or cold spots in your home, check out the following You Tube link: 

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The Future of HVAC is here and its less than 50% of the electric use

Posted January 16, 2018 By Brian Nagle

The Future of HVAC just made a big leap forward.  The newest technology and most cost effective HVAC options have been introduced in just the past 6 months. These systems are equipped with true variable speed technology; also know as inverter technology, These systems provide far more efficiency than its single and two-stage compressor alternative. In terms of HVAC, variable speeds in its simplest terms, mean that a condenser is able to adjust its output speed depending on indoor humidity and temperatures. Hardly ever does a system need the equipment running at 100 percent capacity. Just like your car, the transmission works at a variable speed depending on need, variable speed technology provides extraordinary benefits, both in terms of comfort and in savings.

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What Indoor Air Quality Should Feel Like.

Posted December 13, 2017 By Brian Nagle

Say Goodbye to Dry Air, Rough Winter Skin and scratchy eyes this winter with a Whole House Humidifier.

Dry air is the culprit of a lot of struggles – cracked lips, dry skin, and itchy eyes to name a few. Many of us feel the effects of dry air, especially once the winter months hit. So instead of stashing lip balm in every corner of your home and office, think about the benefits of installing a whole house humidifier.
Benefits of Adding Moisturize to the Air in your Home
If you or members of your family deal with cracked skin, chapped lips, nose bleeds, or have trouble with dry contacts, installing a whole-house humidifier will drastically help resolve those issues. When we have the heat on, the indoor humidity levels can drop to 10 percent or less. Humidifiers add the right amount of moisture to the air and, thus our skin and eyes, making it much easier for everyone to go about their day-to-day feeling comfortable.

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The #1 way to stop colds and flu before they start

Posted November 20, 2017 By Brian Nagle

The #1 way to stop colds and flu before they start. 
As simple as this sounds, simply make sure your home environment has a relative humidity between 35-50% all winter long. Our immune system functions well with proper relative humidity, and doesn't  function well when our environment is too dry. The colder the winter air, the lower the humidity level, so you need to add moisture to your indoor environment. Aprilaire makes humidifiers, that when professionally installed, will provide the right level of humidity all winter long. Remember this, when your honey is just way too dry, it's time to call Brian. Contact me today at www.truemech.com 631-563-1298

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5 Reasons to Change your HVAC system now.

Posted November 15, 2017 By Brian Nagle

Changing out or installing a new HVAC system before the end of 2017 has a sound rationale. The top 5 reasons for making the change are outlined below. The number 5 reason may be the best justification of all. 
1) Right now is still the off season. Most of the country is still in a shoulder season between fall and winter. Once the temperatures drop, the demand for furnace installations minimizes reasons for contractors and manufacturers to offer incentives. 
2) Utility rebates. Most utility rebates expire this December and will change going into 2018. On Long Island, where we are, we are expecting a reduction in 2018 rebate amounts. 
3) 2018 Equipment and contractor costs. As manufacturers introduce new lines in 2018, expect price increases on the new equipment. Contractor costs will automatically increase as benefits, insurance, taxes, materials, and  overhead costs increase.  
4) The old R22 Freon is becoming  much too expensive, and manufacture of R22 beyond 2019 is now forbidden.   
5) The best reason of all is a quantum leap in technology to inverter driven units with multiple variable speeds. The results are many. These units maintain temperature and humidity better than anything in the past 20 years, and use only 30-40% of the electric use of a single stage 10 year or older unit. These units are so quiet and so efficient, many of the outdoor units you cannot hear running if you are more than 4 feet away. The electric savings alone can pay for this choice difference in just 2-3 seasons of use. 

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Get your System Ready for this Coming Winter

Posted October 30, 2017 By Brian Nagle

As winter moves in and temperatures are falling, pay attention to your utility usage due to higher heating use.  However, you can minimize the change. Performing maintenance on your system before winter, you will be in a better position to not only cut your electricity usage, but also to extend the overall life of the HVAC system.  If you are a homeowner it can be intimidating to take on the responsibility, but there are a few tips that can bring you up to speed on how to properly prepare your HVAC system for winter.

Examine the HVAC Unit HVAC systems last for about 20 years before they require replacement. However, it is advisable to examine the HVAC unit regularly to see if it’s functioning properly and to do routine maintenance like cleaning.  If you don’t want to go through this process yourself, you can contact a professional to check it out and to perform the proper maintenance.  Even though maintaining the HVAC system may require a small investment, it will save you a lot of money in the long run, as well as make your house safer and warmer. Therefore, be sure to check your HVAC system before winter even starts.

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