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6 Items to Consider This Month

Posted March 21, 2018 By Brian Nagle

6 Reasons to Replace your Central air with a Modern High efficiency Heat Pump. Are you changing out or completing a new installation of your HVAC system this year? You should look at Heat Pump options. Heat pumps now come in much higher efficiency offerings than previous generations. The number 5 reason may be the best justification of all. 1) Right now is still the off season. Most of the country is still in a shoulder season between fall and winter. Heat pumps can provide a nice indoor temperature without cranking up your boiler or furnace. .2) Higher Utility Rebates. Most utility rebates will expire this December and will change going into 2019. On Long Island, where we are, high efficiency heat pumps qualify for a utility rebate 3x that of a 16 SEER air conditioning system.3) 2018 Equipment and contractor costs. With steel and aluminum tariffs, and as manufacturers introduce new lines throughout 2018, expect price increases on the new equipment. Contractor costs are increasing as well as the economy improves. Benefits, insurance, taxes, materials, and overhead costs all will increase.4) Switching out your system this year also makes sense with the old R22 Freon becoming very expensive, and manufacture of R22 beyond 2019 is now forbidden. There are synthetic substitutes, but why bandage an old system when you upgrade to a much better alternative,5) The best reason of all is a quantum leap in technology to true variable speed systems (think 5 stages), known also as inverter driven. The benefits of variable speed are many. These units maintain temperature and humidity better than anything in the past 20 years, and use a 1/3 to a 1/2 less electricity, of a single stage 10 year or older unit. These units are truly quiet and efficient. 6) Bonus: The electric savings alone can pay for this upgrade difference in just the first few seasons of use. **** Please note: Most new HVAC equipment comes with a manufacturers warranty of at least 10 years on the parts and equipment. Be sure and ask about service contracts for annual service, which generally covers the labor to fix or replace warrantied parts. You wouldn't expect your car to go 10 years without changing the oil or transmission fluid. HVAC equipment is mechanical and requires annual maintenance to function at its best and give you optimal life and performance.. **** We offer affordable service contracts. If your equipment is more than 10 years old, we offer complimentary quotes on system replacements. True Mechanical is 40 years in business and with over 150,000 installations on Long Island. Visit our website at www.truemech.com. 631-563-1298.

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